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AGM Nominations update - looking for Publicity Chair

Globe Productions' Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday June 6th, 7:00 pm at The Old Armoury. We have a slate of Officers willing to stand for election/ re-election at the AGM on June 6th. So don’t stay home because you don’t want to do a job! ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN and we will take nominations from the floor. One position that is unfilled is Publicity Chair.

The following people have put their name forward, so far:
Directors (voting positions)
President: Mark Llewellyn (replacing Lois)
Vice-President: Melissa Fischer (incumbent)
Secretary: Aviva Wielinga (to be confirmed)
Treasurer: Fioretta Perta (incumbent)
Armoury Manager: Nanci Llewellyn (replacing Mark)
Publicity Chair: ????? (replacing Andrea Dubravsky)
Youth Liaison: Leann Playter (incumbent)

Officers (offer input but non-voting positions)
Mary Udell (incumbent)
Laurie Girvan (incumbent)
Beverly King (incumbent)
Lori Hurst (incumbent)
Kara Macdonald (incumbent)

We are looking for Publicity Chair

Please note that Andrea Dubravsky will continue to run our website and Mailchimp communications. We are looking for someone who can oversee the overall Publicity of Globe, plus a team of people to assist. So if you have skills to help us with any of the following let us know:

- PR or marketing
- writing PR articles
- Mailchimp email communications
- managing our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- graphic design (on professional level)
- photography or videography

We can provide you with a detailed job description, AND Andrea will provide you with training and guidance so you will not be alone!