Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr.

  • Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. - May 2015

    Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. performed at the John Elliott Theatre in Georgetown in May 2015.

  • Rachel Currie Set to Soar as ‘Scuttle’

    Rachel Currie has traded in her ruby red slippers for a pair of wings this season with Globe Productions Youth Company.

    The star of last year’s Wizard of Oz is now taking the stage as Scuttle, an eccentric seagull, in The Little Mermaid Jr.

    The Grade 6 student from Alloa Public School says that playing Dorothy prepared her well for the role of Scuttle. For instance, she knows there’s a lot of hard work involved in putting on a major production, but the rewards will be fun.

    “Scuttle is so much fun to play. He’s a bit of a flatliner and never really knows what’s going on even when he thinks that he does. It is just so fun to act all clueless,” says Rachel.

    The Brampton native fell in love with musical theatre when she was just seven. She’s appeared in several plays including Aladdin Jr. (Globe 2013) and Alice in Wonderland Jr. (Brampton Theatre School 2012).

  • Villains are Thrilling in The Little Mermaid Jr.

    Three young ladies from Georgetown are having a ton of fun spooking the sold-out crowds at The Little Mermaid Jr. Shaelyn Girvan, a Grade 9 Christ the King student, delivers a powerful performance as the devious sea witch Ursula.  

    “I really like playing villians. You can put so much into them,” says Shaelyn who has been acting in musicals since the age of three and is enjoying tapping into her “evil side” for this role.

    “Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie. I love the characters and how elaborate they are. And I’ve always really liked how sassy, slinky, and slimy Ursula is,” she says.