Old Armory Georgetown

  • "Rallying the Troops” 100th Anniversary of WW1

    One hundred and forty eight years ago, under the threat of an attack on their homes and their freedom, the people of Georgetown joined together to build this armoury, to provide a rallying point and drill hall for the local militia. They were all volunteers who were landowners, farmers, shopkeepers, craftsmen, businessmen and even politicians.

    One year later the Old Armoury stood witness to Confederation, when all Canadians joined together to provide for their common security and future. In August, 1914, a new threat to global freedom arose, and ordinary men from those same walks of life, put down their tools and pens and rallied here at the Old Armoury, ready to take their place in line with all free men against oppression.

    On September 27th, 2014, the community of Georgetown rallied together once again to honour those men who so bravely went to join the fight for freedom.

    Photos Copyright Mik Herman ADWebcom

  • Armoury - Work in Pictures

    After purchasing the Armoury at Georgetown Fairgrounds and receiving the grant from the Trillium Foundation, Globe got to work and in only one year renovated the building we now call our home. See the work in progress.

  • History of The Old Armoury

    Georgetown Globe Productions has committed to preserve and renovate “The Old Armoury” at the Georgetown Fairgrounds Park. The project will transform this important piece of our history into both a home for Globe Productions and a multi-purpose centre for arts, culture and heritage.