Sad news - Globe founding member Vera Macdonald has passed

It is with heavy hearts that we must share the very sad news that our dear friend and Globe founding member Vera Macdonald has passed peacefully at her home in Glen Williams.
Vera’s enthusiasm and zest for life showed in everything that she did, including her vast love of theatre. A gifted story teller, an accomplished director and an incredibly talented actress, she was hugely respected both in musical and dramatic theatre. Vera’s signature attributes were her wonderful, resonating voice and her flamboyant style. Whether it was cavorting around the stage as Mammy Yokum in L’il Abner, accosting the Tin Man as a grumpy apple tree in The Wizard of Oz or simply assuming the pose of the Statue of Liberty in Annie, Vera’s amazing presence dominated the stage. There is an actor’s cliché which warns of the dangers of being upstaged when performing alongside children and animals – well here in Georgetown we added Vera Macdonald to the list...she would always be the one that audiences remembered!
We have been so fortunate that Vera chose to be a part of Globe’s family. She was a rare and special lady who would give with all her heart. She was kind, graceful, elegant and always generous with her compliments. Vera supported Globe in every way she could and never missed one of our shows. We are proud and honoured to have been a part of Vera’s life.
Globe sends our condolences to Vera’s family and friends.

Here is the link to Vera's obituary.