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Georgetown Globe Productions is a musical theatre group whose members live in Halton Hills and the surrounding areas. For more than 20 years Globe has been providing local audiences with top-notch musical theatre and winning quite a few awards in the process. Throughout its history Globe Productions has gleaned from the Halton community a wide array of talent that is manifest both onstage and off. Its' members come from all walks of life and encompass all ages.

2008/2009 marked the inaugural year for our Georgetown Globe Productions Youth Company with our highly acclaimed production of The Wizard of Oz.

We have mandated to create an avenue for growth and mentorship for up and coming talent, who will inherit our legacy of quality productions in Georgetown and surrounding area.

With the expansion of Georgetown and the growth of the surrounding area and the passion that has developed for the Arts, we feel strongly that we need to develop our youth and dedicate a spot in our season to showcase their talents both onstage and backstage.

Georgetown Globe Productions has been a very successful arts, theatre and culture phenomenon and has a long standing strong reputation in the arts in Halton Hills.

It’s time to include our children and young people and give them a production of their own to own and be proud of.

We stand strong in our passion to continue to feature our adults in our regular season but also to create a succession plan with our young people.

Interested in more information or getting involved with the Youth Company? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Globe Productions

Georgetown Globe Productions is a not-for-profit musical theatre group whose members live in Halton Hills and the surrounding areas.